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About me

With more than 10 years of experience as a software developer and architect and a master┬┤s degree in information technologies, I define myself as a professional in constant search of good business solutions that use innovative and relevant technologies.

I base my professional work on Agile methodologies and DevOps culture and work with a view towards results and client satisfaction.

Since the industry is constantly being updated, training is one of the pillars of my career. I have numerous certifications and I keep myself up to date and adept in the latest tendencies by reading or taking courses.

My skills

01 .

Scrum Master

I am a certified Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner, and Certified Scrum Developer.

02 .

Agile Leadership

I have received the Agile Leadership 1 Certificate.

03 .


I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

04 .


I understand the language and speak it fluently. I have worked on teams with native speakers and my IELTS level is 7.5.

My projects


Challenge To develop the ERP of this manufacturing company so it could manage all the business flows. What was our approach? We worked on the basis of milestones in order to develop all the modules according to the company┬┤s predefined priorities. At the same time, this company acquired […]

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Challenge To do a technological upgrade of a platform for this logistic business. What was our approach? The existing solution had been developed with antiquated technology, so we decided to migrate towards microservices and develop a new front-end. For this we chose Angular because it was one of […]

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Portal Quiero!

Challenge The portal of this service was out of date and thus required technical reengineering. What was our approach? We went forward with a reengineering and modernization process on the back-end of the Portal de Beneficios Quiero! in order to overcome the technological gap it suffered from. […]

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Responsive solution

Challenge To evolve the way tasks were reviewed, which at the time was done manually. What was our approach? We created a responsive solution that was capable of functioning in any device. In this way, an employee could begin to load task information in real time using […]

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The reasons for migration towards microservices

September 1, 2021
By Roger Cruz

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When to choose a PWA instead of a mobile application

August 12, 2021
By Roger Cruz

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