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About me

Currently, as an experienced Agile coach, I make up a team along with our clients in which I am the catalyzing leader for their Agile and Digital Transformation initiatives. My focus is on company impact, value delivery, and people, and I use innovative principles, methods, and tools.

There are few things that I find more rewarding than leading, consulting, and training both individuals and teams to further their growth within organizations. My goal is to change their traditional entities and operations into adaptive, value oriented businesses by applying company agility practices for making change and innovation happen.

I do all this by working together with our clients to create strategies and solutions for guiding their companies down the road of evolution to improvement, using , as needed, Lean-Agile, Management 3.0, Liberating Structures, Gamification, Strategic Prospective, Future Modeling and Agile, as well as such frameworks as Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, Scrum@Scale and SAFe, among others.

As for my studies, I have a license in systems and computing, and have also completed formal studies in coaching.

My skills

01 .

Lean Portfolio Management

I help organization directors align the strategy and execution of projects with financing and investment strategies through the application of Lean and Systems Thinking approaches.

02 .

OKR: Objectives & Key Results

I help organizations, teams, and individuals establish ambitious and challenging goals with measurable results by utilizing this collaborative tool.

03 .

Liberating Structures

I use this set of tools to introduce small changes with big impacts on the way people meet each other, make plans and decisions, and relate to each other.

04 .

Management 3.0

I facilitate the adoption of this mentality by combining it with a collection of games, tools, and practices in constant change, so as to help any worker administer an organization.

05 .


I use game mechanics and the design of experiences to involve and motivate people to achieve their objectives.

My projects

Development of mobile and web application

Challenge To use Agile methodology to develop an application to help reduce treatment times for cancer patients. What was our approach? We used Scrum and worked with a multidisciplinary team to generate a solution from beginning to end with a mobile web application […]

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Diagnosis and launching of Agile pilots

Challenge To change the work method of some teams to Agile methodology. What was our approach? We began by observing and getting feedback on how the teams did their work. When we understood the exact needs and characteristics of each team, we implemented […]

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Scaled Agile transformation

Challenge To implement Agile in the organization What was our approach? We deployed Agile practices in different sectors of the company, practices that were aligned with BBVA strategy at the international level and were thus able to assist a great part of the central areas of […]

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Agile Transformation and digital center implementation

Challenge To modernize the traditional way of developing financial software. What was our approach? We carried out a discovery process in which we used Design Thinking and Customer Centricity techniques to put ourselves in our client´s shoes and better understand the relation with […]

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Why should your company implement OKR?

September 9, 2021
By Pablo Sanchez

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Lean Portfolio Management: what it is and what it can do

September 9, 2021
By Pablo Sanchez

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