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About me

I’m an IT Analyst who specializes in cybersecurity. I have more than 15 years of professional experience. After working for a long time in the infrastructure field, I started to specialize in cybersecurity.

Since I also studied Communication Sciences, I think awareness plays an essential role in the task of Information Security. Because of this, as a specialist in Data Loss Prevention Processes, I believe it’s extremely necessary to use policies that collaborate and work towards both the education and awareness of the users.

As a reader of psychology and team development books, I always seek to put into practice motivational theories and dynamics of speech that can also be useful when performing Social Engineering exercises.

My skills

01 .

ITIL V3 Certification

This certification allows achieving high client satisfaction levels when I’ve led teams.

02 .

Ethical Phisher & Hacker

I help companies know how secure their network is, and I offer suggestions for improvement.

03 .

Team Leader

I have skills to motivate and enhance the communication of the people who work with me.

04 .


Curiosity and love for user education make me share all my experience in cybersecurity with the community.

My projects

Cybersecurity Week

Challenge Communicate and educate about cybersecurity. What was our approach? We gave courses and training on cybersecurity from different points of view for clients and company employees. The initiative was so successful that the digital course institution, Education IT, hired us to teach classes for end users. […]

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Ethical Phishing

Challenge Implement the process and methodology of the ethical phishing exercise for the future. What was our approach? We simulated phishing attacks to find out how collaborators reacted, and planned the drill for it to be easily implemented in the future. In addition, since we executed it, […]

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Data Loss Prevention

Challenge Expand the (DLP) policy. What was our approach? The company set up an area within the Risk department to prevent data loss, and I was called in for the cybersecurity component. For three years, we expanded the DLP policy from Argentina to […]

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PCI-DSS Standardization

Challenge Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Certification. What was our approach? We had to develop a new infrastructure because the existing one didn’t meet the requirements. To do so, we worked from scratch with Microsoft technologies. To begin with, we looked for another location to […]

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Cybersecurity: Why Ongoing Staff Training Is Key

September 8, 2021
By Matías Armándola

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Ethical Phishing: Reasons to Carry Out this Simulation

September 8, 2021
By Matías Armándola

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