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About me

I am an information technology engineer with 32 years of experience in working to provide services to important companies in the banking, insurance, distribution, and telecommunication industries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

My skills

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I prioritize good communication with the members of my team and work to enhance the professional growth of each one of them.

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Orientation and objectives

I coordinate and work with others so they can focus on reaching the goals they have set for themselves.

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Team work

I enjoy working with colleagues to help our clients discover the potential in their data.

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Data Architect

Knowledge of analytics and cognitive solutions in data architecture, among others.

My projects

Customer master data and instructions/addresses

Challenge To create a single repository of information for bank customers. What was our approach? This project was conceived to implement the loading of customer information and of instructions for all the affiliates of the holding company, to launch the process for suspicious duplicates […]

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EDW Project in the context of the pandemic

Challenge To break the company´s information silos and set up a single data source. What was our approach? Since we were working during the pandemic and had to collaborate with numerous areas of the company, we were faced with the challenge […]

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Enterprise Datawarehouse

Challenge To visualize information insights and make them available to the final user. What was our approach? We automated the complete process for transporting and transforming data into information using innovation based on new technologies and the development of advanced analytics solutions. Our objective was to allow […]

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Data Modeling and Process for a Transport Management Client

Challenge To create a new functional model. What was our approach? This company had two systems. One was inflexible and outdated, while the other was in construction. To solve this situation we decided to create a new functional model, and […]

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Why it´s so important to understand a company´s business problem in a data science project

September 9, 2021
By Lucía Navea

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The importance of visual aids in an advanced data analysis project

September 9, 2021
By Lucía Navea

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