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About me

I am an IT professional with more than 15 years’ experience working mostly on Data Management projects, in different roles, industries and technologies.

I enjoy working on projects for big companies because I find it exciting to help them discover their data’s potential.

My skills

01 .

Practice Manager

I am in charge of the technical management of teams that, from here in Argentina, provide data services to clients around the world.

02 .

Data Governance Specialist

My skills in defining and implementing data governance models allow me to participate in and promote the cultural transformation of data into an asset for the organization.

03 .

Project Manager & Scrum Master

I have a project management background in PMI and Agile methodology that allows me to have an integrated vision of the running of a service.

My projects

Quiero! Plataform

Challenge To do a technological update of the platform so that it could serve as support for the customer loyalty program. What was our approach? We first did a study to understand the functionalities of the existing application. For example, its dependencies, its requirements at the data […]

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Data Quality MVP

Challenge To identify data management problems that had a direct impact on operations. What was our approach? We first did an assessment to better understand the business and its processes. We were therefore able to detect problems in the quality of the data, which affected company […]

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Data Visualization – Sell In & Sell Out

Challenge To provide management teams in the commercial areas with a tool that would allow them to do a visual analysis of the most relevant metrics and KPIs for the sales process and understand and follow relations with their distributors. What […]

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Data Quality – Cancellation Predictions

Challenge Divide customers into segments in order to feed a prediction model for cancellations and to be able to efficiently focus marketing efforts. What was our approach? Following problems that La Nación had had with the segmentation of their database, we moved forward first […]

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Data migration in technology updates

August 20, 2021
By Leonardo Tocci

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What is data governance and why is it important?

August 20, 2021
By Leonardo Tocci

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