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About me

I am Baufest´s Graphic Thinker. With a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design and Communication, I have been able to established track record in understanding people’s needs, in using innovative practices and methodologies and in conducting market research.

I have led customer impact for our clients since January 2015. Through Design Thinking, Experience Strategy and Creativity, I had helped our clients to scale innovation and digital transformation and to develop user focus digital products.

In my current position, UX/UI Lead, I am responsible for interpreting our clients and their user needs, design digital products, develop service design strategies, modeling and rendering.

My skills

01 .

UX/UI Lead

I lead UX/UI design teams, where the focus is always on offering users the best experience in every digital solution.

02 .

Scrum Master

I include concepts like Agility and collaborative work in every project.

03 .

Teacher and Mentor

I find it especially rewarding to spread my knowledge, identify and publicize tendencies, and broaden the UX community.

04 .

Specialist in Accessibility

I design digital products that can be used by everyone, regardless of their technical, cognitive, or physical abilities.

My projects

Design system

Challenge To update the core management system of all the processes because the version in use at the time was antiquated and full of patches. What was our approach? To guarantee a good experience using the multiple interfaces that made up the system, we moved forward with […]

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User experience improvement

Challenge To transform and improve the experience of the core system for automating processes, make operations more agile and offer customers a better service. What was our approach? We spent six weeks doing remote interviews for the purpose of getting to know the pension fund business […]

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Automation Project

Challenge To automate a process that was carried out manually at the time. The files were loaded manually into the system and spread out, making it difficult to consolidate information. What was our approach? We developed a portal to search for and classify legal files. To begin, […]

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UI Design

Challenge To design a user interface for loan approvals and follow-ups, since the existing application was so old that the bank´s internal users didn’t want to use it and were therefore inclined to use Excel instead. What was our approach? We interviewed users who operate different phases […]

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Let’s throw in a little UX

August 20, 2021
By Javier Madrazo

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Keys to successful teamwork between UX designers and programmers

August 20, 2021
By Javier Madrazo

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