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About me

I am a Computer Engineer, graduated from the National Polytechnic Institute ESIME, in Culhuacán, México. I began my professional training in IT at the age of 15. In such sense, I started as a scholarship holder and grew professionally to the role of Technical Expert.
Personally, I am passionate about technology and the benefits that come from making good use of it. My main objective as a person is to contribute with something tangible or intangible, which makes users´ lives easier. This is why I have oriented my professional development to studying and exploring technological solutions which offer the possibility of a solution to current problems.

My skills

01 .

Full stack Developer

Developing in multiple technologies such as React, Angular, Node and JAVA, which allows me to take part in different types of projects.

02 .

Team leadership

Agility and fluid communication with the team are to me key factors for a correct execution of the projects.

03 .


Whenever possible, I enjoy having conversations with my colleagues to learn from them and share experiences.

04 .


I enjoy discovering new ways of solving complex technical issues, with the objective of improving people´s quality of life.

My projects

Reengineering of the printing component

Challenge Need to improve the component. What was our approach? This component existed already, so we reengineered it. This was mainly due to the component having to print all the reports – the problem was that, being a sole component, it attended to large […]

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Environments provisioning

Challenge Automatize the process of environments provisioning What was our approach? The requests arrive as per user demand to install virtual machines of certain characteristics. This process was carried out manually. The challenge was to automatize this task with IBM tools. In order to do so, we […]

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CréditoClick 2.0

Challenge Need to implement the Mexican system in the French branch.    What was our approach? CréditoClick is a vehicle financing system. We developed part of the Mexican system. When the French branch became aware of it, it decided to clone it in order to implement it […]

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Band slips

Challenge After a national regulation, the company needed strict invoicing or bank slips control. What was our approach? First, we went to the client´s offices to understand the issue. One of the challenges was the language, as they speak Portuguese, but in time we came to understand […]

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When to reengineer and when to develop a solution from scratch

September 8, 2021
By Israel Calderón

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The benefits of using Google Cloud Platform

September 8, 2021
By Israel Calderón

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