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About me

I have an Associate’s Degree in IT, with an orientation in Industrial Production. I’m currently developing mobile and web applications. To this end, I help organizations define and implement the appropriate technologies for a required context.

My skills

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My knowledge of Angular, Reactjs, Flutter, iOS and Android is accredited by prestigious institutions.

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I have experience in managing work teams.

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I’m widely experienced and knowledgeable in both full-stack web programming, as well as for mobile.

My projects

Pharmacy Management System

Challenge What was our approach? We developed a series of services and replaced a mobile application with a website for pharmaceutical sales representatives to upload orders placed by doctors. This app worked offline because the data was uploaded by these representatives and synchronized with the systems […]

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“QMax Monitor” Migration

Challenge Convert the device monitoring platform into “open source” to migrate from the Azure cloud to AWS. What was our approach? The company, which specializes in developing self-consumption systems of renewable energy, had a monitoring web application for its devices that needed to be modified. Specifically, […]

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Virtual Office

Challenge Digitize most operations of the commercial offices and offer customers an online channel. What was our approach? We developed the virtual office from scratch for this company that distributes natural gas. In this regard, one of the largest challenges was integration with its “legacy” systems. To […]

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Challenge Digitize the process of loading explosives into open-pit mine shafts. What was our approach? To approach our customer’s challenge, we created a mobile application built for Android, which allows registering the loading process in the Enaex system. The application is used by the factory truck operator whose […]

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Pros and Cons of Different Frameworks When Creating an App

August 20, 2021
By Ignacio Kovacs

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When to Choose a Hybrid or Native App

August 20, 2021
By Ignacio Kovacs

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