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About me

I am a curious person and I love looking for technology related solutions to everyday problems. This search encouraged me to learn different technologies: I started out on my web developing abilities, and continued programming mobile applications, as well as micro controllers for Internet of Things (IoT).
Along this process, I found that before implementing new technology we must come closer to people. From there, from that moment, I started feeling the importance of sharing knowledge. The pleasure in teaching and being taught. Then, I started dictating college classes, with the objective of preparing more students for the job they desire.

My skills

01 .

Fullstack Developer

I work with multiple technologies such as React, Angular, Node, .NET.

02 .

Enthusiastic Teacher

I find it especially gratifying to share knowledge with playful activities.

03 .


I empower other people to follow their vocation.

04 .

Design Thinking

I develop digital products incorporating techniques with a focus on the user.

05 .

Interdisciplinary work

It enriches me to carry out projects with different technologies and people with diverse abilities.

My projects

Galicia Covenants Platform

Challenge The need to make products available, such as pledge loans, personal loans and SGR (Reciprocal Warranty Society) in a same platform. What was our approach? We developed a centralized products platform integrated with an external authentication server through which users can register themselves, manage their […]

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Challenge Optimizing beneficiary management What was our approach? Through this Project, we developed an application that manages the only beneficiary database, centralizing and guaranteeing transparency in the process of request and award of housing plans.  Besides, the new system offers support to the complete processes of registration, validation, […]

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Subscriptions process

Challenge Improving the subscriptions process from beginning to end, including registration and circulation, to newspaper and magazine distribution. What was our approach? This system had not been developed by us; we focused on evolutive support and maintenance. Within those activities, we maintained the operation because the system […]

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Commercial Process

Challenge Software evolutive maintenance for the Commercial area. What was our approach? The system was several years old. To be able to focus on software evolutive maintenance, we used Jenkins, which is a tool to automatize the whole deployment and test process of any application in different […]

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Software development: the reasons to implement a delivery strategy

August 20, 2021
By Hernán Lavrencic

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How to optimize communication between work cells

August 20, 2021
By Hernán Lavrencic

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