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About me

I am a Systems Engineer. In addition, I’ve studied marketing and senior management. In my professional career, I’ve had the opportunity to work as a functional analyst, a QA lead, and a technology services account manager, roles which allowed me to acquire an in-depth understanding of the quality process and the delivery of value to the client.

At present, I not only deploy my abilities as a tester, I also implement innovations in projects. In addition, I work together with the commercial team designing proposals for offering services to new clients.


My skills

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One of the most reliable certifications in the world and an excellent tool for industry professionals.

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I put together teams of testers that are more Agile and better prepared for the business’ fast pace.

My projects

New portal

Challenge To create a new web platform for a digital wallet that would improve users´ experience while keeping all the functionalities that were used in the old portal. What was our approach? We formed a multidisciplinary team of specialists in each area, including product designers, UX, web […]

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APIs Portal

Challenge To create a new web platform to securely and publically provide the APIs that the company has available for third party projects. What was our approach? We proposed the development of a web platform based on the idea that if a freelance developer or a company […]

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Open systems

Challenge To test 18 applications and services developed on outdated technologies. Among other issues, these digital solutions had no functional information and hadn’t been previously tested. What was our approach? From a QA perspective, we created testing plans as we received the client’s requirements. In this way, […]

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Early automation in testing

August 20, 2021
By Gabriela Padilla

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Myths about testers

August 20, 2021
By Gabriela Padilla

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