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About me

I am an electrical engineer. I began my career as a teacher at the School of Engineering of the Universidad de Buenos Aires and then went on to work in the aerospace industry, where I was challenged to use my knowledge and discovered an all absorbing interest.

Over time I found myself oriented towards the development of diverse businesses based on the benefits provided by technology and an innovative mindset.

I like to learn new skills and do research; I constantly seek dynamic and turning point technologies that add potential to our clients´ development.

My skills

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Whenever possible, I enjoy training others and informing them of new tendencies in AI.

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As manager of a practice, I lead professional teams and foster their creativity.

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I am in constant search of new technologies and solutions that can solve our clients´ problematics.

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Interdisclipinary work

I am always looking for ways to include and work with other practices in order to incorporate multiple visions.

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I have experience in dictating different subjects and contents.

My projects

Digital transformation of renewable energy

Challenge To provide a solution that would free installers from the need to travel hundreds of kilometers for the sole purpose of diagnosing problems in defective equipment. In addition, the users required a platform that could show them their energy consumption. What was our […]

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Robotic Process Automation

Challenge To increase operative efficiency quickly and with Agile methodologies by means of technological supports. What was our approach? We developed an RPA () service and applied it to such numerous initiatives as incoming and outgoing truck transport, updating of clients´ tax information in […]

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Changes in human bodies through 3D scans

Challenge To eliminate costs occasioned by the return of clothes bought on internet. What was our approach? We developed Computer Vision based AI algorithms capable of identifying the different parts of the human body and we calculated the different dimensions, such as […]

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Improvement of virtual assistant performance

Challenge To improve the performance of existing assistants and add new assistants in order to increase the level of assertiveness. What was our approach? We developed a natural language processing proprietor model to extract the semantic root of phrases so that the assistant would […]

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Industry 4.0

September 1, 2021
By Federico López

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Why there is a fast ROI from RPA

September 1, 2021
By Federico López

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