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About me

I am a Software Engineer with over fifteen years of professional experience. My first years were oriented towards software development, and afterwards I focused on architecture visualization and construction for complex software projects.
I feel a passion for solving all kinds of complex digital issues, from hardware dimensioning for software solutions, or the design of a strategy to migrate to the cloud, to the creation of an engine for processing millions of transactions a day, from scratch.
During the last years, I have centered myself on technical team management on the IT platform as well as software development, without forsaking direct participation in solution construction. I am currently Practice Unit Manager, Software Unit, at Baufest.

My skills

01 .

Holistic vision

When creating digital products, I take into account a comprehensive target which contemplates databases, nets, operative systems, software platforms and DevOps.

02 .

Scrum Master Certification

I use Scrum methodology to achieve each project´s objectives and maximize the potential of each of the members of the team. I was trained specifically for this.

03 .

Problem solving

I enjoy solving complex technical problems, and proposing solutions under the principle “the simpler, the better”.

04 .

Practical Unit Manager

I am in charge of the technical management of teams that offer development services to customers all over the world.

My projects

Platform design for container depot

Challenge Counting with a new platform to manage container storage. What was our approach? In the absence of an automated system able to support their daily operations, the company had to invest a large number of manual work hours in tasks of lesser value […]

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EDI messages traceability

Challenge Developing a platform for management and processing EDI messages. What was our approach? As a business need, large amounts of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messages needed to be processed. These messages are used for business to business (B2B) Communications. XPO business partners, such as retail […]

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Transactions engine

Challenge To improve the containers transactions engine which was inside the old platform that had issues with its processing and management. What was our approach? We partly reconstructed the Chilean shipping company´s platform, creating a multiprocess application that works as a processing engine for transactions, with Java […]

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When to opt for monolithic vs. multiservices architecture

August 20, 2021
By Eduardo Sarmiento

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What is scalable architecture and when it´s convenient to think about it

August 20, 2021
By Eduardo Sarmiento

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