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About me

I am an Informatics Engineer and I have been working in the software industry for 10 years. My fist professional experiences were as a developer and, over the years, I became a technical reference within Baufest, specialized in .NET technology.

I am currently working as a Software Development Practice Manager of the finance cluster, a role I acquired after working in several banking projects and from which I collaborate in the definition of strategic initiatives, business opportunities and management of the cluster team.

During these years, I performed several courses, both technical and leadership and business oriented. I love creating digital projects and solving complex technical problems.

My skills

01 .

Software Architecture

I define architectures and deployment strategies for complex applications exposed to a large number of users.

02 .

Digital Products

I build new digital products, incorporating design thinking techniques, from initial research to a productive MVP.

03 .

Agile Teams

Certified Scrum Master experienced in agile development teams, who are flexible to change and achieve continuous improvement.

04 .


Technology lecturer. I also teach technical courses and workshops.

My projects


Challenge Development of the platform and the first digital token of the company. What was our approach? The customer needed a technological partner capable of accompany them in the development of the platform and the digital token of the company. In the first place, they approached us with […]

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Portal Quiero! redesign

Desafío El portal de la plataforma estaba técnicamente desactualizado y no contaba con una buena experiencia de usuario ni características visuales modernas. Esto limitaba mucho las posibilidades de crecimiento del negocio What was our approach? We carried out a process of reengineering and modernization of […]

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Subscription Process

Challenge Improve the subscription process from end-to-end, from registration and circulation to distribution of newspapers and journals. What was our approach? This system had not been developed by us, but we focused on maintenance and evolutionary support. Within these activities, we maintained the operation because the system […]

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Works’ control and direction

Challenge AySA’s existing system was old and had scalability and performance problems. These characteristics limited the incorporation of new functionalities the business required. What was our approach? The system was built in Flash and had to be migrated to .NET adding new functionalities. To this […]

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The hidden costs of outdated systems

August 20, 2021
By Christian Smirnoff

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Programmers: the challenge of working with a non-technical Team

August 20, 2021
By Christian Smirnoff

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