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About me

I am an information technology engineer and a specialist in mobile applications.  Since the beginning of my career, I have focused on mobile development and received training in different technologies while deepening my knowledge of the architecture of solutions and coming to understand the complexity of this type of project.

Currently, I am a technical leader, and in this position I am able to consultant for teams that develop mobile applications for big companies in diverse industries.

I am a true believer in technology and in the positive impact it can have on society through the construction of digital products.

My skills

01 .

Mobile Architect

I implement mobile technologies that are suitable for a given context, using best practices that guarantee the quality of the solution.

02 .

Scrum Master

I use Scrum methodology to meet the objectives of each project and to increase the potential of each member of the team.

03 .


In my role as leader, I learn something every day and believe that the contribution of each person I work with is of fundamental importance.

My projects

Virtual Office and Customer Service Platform

Challenge To improve customer service by means of a self- service digital space. What was our approach? Customers had to go to the customer service center for all procedures and consultations. This lead to too much work and delays. In order to overcome […]

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Digital tool for self-service

Challenge To reduce the number of in person visits to branch offices, as well as the number of calls to their call center. What was our approach? Edenor wanted to reach out to customers with the objective of offering them a digital self-service tool. To […]

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Mobile applications

Challenge To further develop the iOS platform and add new functionalities to both this and the Android platform. What was our approach? We formed an Agile and self managed team that formed part of the digital tables of the bank so as to develop the iOS platform, […]

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Customer self- service

Challenge To add a new channel for consumers and offer them a mobile digital tool for self-service. What was our approach? We designed and constructed native applications for iOS and Android that allowed customers to access and manage information from all their associated businesses. We formed […]

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The benefits of hybrid apps for reusing a code

August 19, 2021
By Christian Rusterholz

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The keys to a successful self service portal

August 19, 2021
By Christian Rusterholz

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