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About me

I’m Argentine and I was born in the City of Buenos Aires on the 7th of May 1978. I live in Vaqueros, Province of Salta, where I raise my family. I have two girls, 9- and 7-year-old.
Currently, I work at Baufest, in Functional Testing and Q&A. I’m physically located in Vaqueros, Province of Salta, and I connect to the necessary resources via a secure channel (VPN) when necessary. I love testing and I’m always trying to find ways to improve the processes and activities I carry out, as well as the quality of the products we deliver. I believe that quality is reached by working together and I enjoy working in teams. I’m constantly looking for ways to develop my leadership skills, or any other aspect belonging to the field of Testing, which I’m the most passionate about.
I currently lead a team of around 20 testers.

My skills

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Designing and executing test cases

I specialize in mobile and web testing projects, focusing on end-to-end integrations and verifications at the database level when possible. I also work on accessibility testing.

02 .

Management of testing teams

I manage testing teams with different configurations: Testing Center of Excellence, agile cells, testing as a management service, etc.

03 .

Excellent Communication

I was already working remotely before the pandemic and I’m highly aware that I must communicate in a deliberate, effective, and positive way.

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Fostering new leaders is key to the growth of teams and organizations.

My projects

Virtual Office

Challenge Digitalizing their support channels. What was our approach? We developed and built a , a desktop web application, a webapp for mobile devices and a mobile application for Android and Apple. All the above interact with a backend that, in turn, is integrated with the […]

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Maintenance of an automated call center

Challenge Need to scale the call center service for many clients. What was our approach? We used Twilio, which is the product that’s programmed to offer the call center. The team, three programmers and a tester, worked on Twilio so that passengers could […]

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Automated test cell

Challenge Automating regression tests of a mobile product and a web product. What was our approach? A team with three automation specialists and an Automation Practice Manager focused on creating a way to implement automatic, unattended, and repeatable tests. In addition, it must periodically report the […]

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Evolutionary maintenance of a product suite

Challenge Maintenance of three websites, two mobile applications for Android and Apple, and over 20 APIs that these products use. What was our approach? We initially adopted the Kanban method for the various developments, but then migrated to Scrum; this meant that all […]

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Testing automatization: ensuring software quality

August 18, 2021
By Cecilia Briozzo

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Where are we on the testing?

August 18, 2021
By Cecilia Briozzo

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