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About me

I studied Systems Engineering and started my professional career as a software developer, but I eventually discovered that for a project to be successful, organization and planning are key. That is why I trained and focused on project management, and for the past 12 years I have worked coordinating multidisciplinary teams and using agile methodologies.

Specifically, I currently help companies optimize their development teams, diversify and generate new projects.

My interest in software development and the knowledge about it have become a strength. On a daily basis, they allow me to deeply understand the needs of clients and users, easily interact with different tools and technologies and, above all, be more empathic with the people I lead.



My skills

01 .

Project Management

I specialize in complex projects, encompassing the 5 processes and 10 knowledge areas described in PMBOK6.

02 .


I use several conflict resolution techniques, always encouraging dialog and seeking consensus.

03 .

Agile Facilitator

I enjoy facilitating meetings, workshops and especially retrospectives. I love doing it!

04 .


I continually seek to transmit ideas generating adequate contexts.

05 .


Creating new leaders is key for team and organization growth.

My projects

Digital Subscriptions

Challenge To improve the end-to-end subscription process, and also to develop the online payment process.  What was our approach? The newspaper collected the subscription through monthly payments in arrears until they decided to collect the payment in advance in order to get a significant financial advantage. Moreover, […]

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ETGS Framework Update

Challenge To update technological applications that are critical to the organization and improve the user experience of digital products for internal clients. What was our approach? We worked with the Systems department to accompany them in their way of working through the use of agile methodologies […]

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MOA Operations

Challenge To develop a self-management application with information of operations and deliveries for raw material providers. What was our approach? We encountered a project carried out by another consulting company. Our role in this context was to add a couple of functions to an existing application. After […]

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Challenge To authorize the measurement of the reception and shipping of spare parts and packages. Also, to implement a system to unify the parts and packages management with a global approach. What was our approach? Basically, we formed a team with 12 professionals, including Java and Mobile specialists. […]

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Keys to work in multicultural IT teams

August 13, 2021
By Alexis Zunino

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End-to-end UX

August 13, 2021
By Alexis Zunino

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