Virtual Office
Cecilia Briozzo
Posted: 31 August, 2021

Digitalizing their support channels.
What was our approach?
We developed and built a Virtual Office, a desktop web application, a webapp for mobile devices and a mobile application for Android and Apple. All the above interact with a backend that, in turn, is integrated with the company’s business platform. The whole of the development’s life cycle was included, from end-user surveys, journey maps, design, testing, implementation, support, and evolutionary maintenance. In addition, complementary modules were designed so that Camuzzi’s support staff could have the same interface to try and solve their clients’ telephone or in-person assistance calls.  
  • An 86% reduction in the printing of payment slips in company branches.
  • Savings in printing bills.
  • Significant savings in the distribution costs of the bills.
  • Better User Experience, since they can access information in real time.
My role

QA Technical Expert .
I oversaw all testing and chose the three people that made up the team. In addition to the tests, we divided the work into sprints to test the new functionality that was being added to the digital products. Some of the features that were the hardest to test were those that integrated directly with the client’s back-office and with specific aspects of the device, for example, the ability to pay bills using a QR code.