Virtual Office
Ignacio Kovacs
Posted: 6 September, 2021

Digitize most operations of the commercial offices and offer customers an online channel.
What was our approach?

We developed the virtual office from scratch for this company that distributes natural gas. In this regard, one of the largest challenges was integration with its “legacy” systems. To solve this, we relied on .NET technologies for back-end services with WebAPi. We used Angular for the front-end. We used the same technologies for the mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

Once the website went online, customers had a means of self-management to be able to carry out various procedures 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, such as paying for the service.  

  • Customers have a new support channel
  • Decompression of workload of the customer service employees due to the website and apps self-management feature.
My role

As a developer, I led the development of the front-end and I also programmed part of the system.