Transactions engine
Eduardo Sarmiento
Posted: 1 September, 2021

To improve the containers transactions engine which was inside the old platform that had issues with its processing and management.
What was our approach?
We partly reconstructed the Chilean shipping company´s platform, creating a multiprocess application that works as a processing engine for transactions, with Java technology. For that purpose, we stopped using proprietary technology processing queues that up to that moment accumulated thousands of registries daily. With the application developed, accumulations of registries pending to be processed disappeared, much less hardware was required, and architecture in its whole was largely simplified. 
  • Acceleration of activity processing up to less than a second each. 
  • Reduction of operative costs.
  • Software development simplification.
  • Counting with an architecture which benefited from modern processors (multi thread). 
My role

As a software architect, I designed the idea for the engine, defined technology and built key parts for the new solution.