Subscription Process
Christian Smirnoff
Posted: 31 August, 2021

Improve the subscription process from end-to-end, from registration and circulation to distribution of newspapers and journals.
What was our approach?

This system had not been developed by us, but we focused on maintenance and evolutionary support. Within these activities, we maintained the operation because the system was critical to the business and we also made new functionalities and screens.

We worked with .NET, on-premise technology. We also used SQL Server Integration Services.

  • Delegating platform maintenance and support to experts in order to deal with more critical issues
  • Ensuring the business continuity
My role

AsĀ Technical Leader, I was in charge of the managing the teams that performed the evolutionary developments and the productive support needs. We also worked on the root cause analysis of incidents to feed the backlog in order to reduce them, apart from incorporating modern methodologies to raise the quality standard and drive improvements.