Self-management of Scales
Ignacio Kovacs
Posted: 6 September, 2021

Automate the entry and weighing of cargo vehicles in the plants.
What was our approach?

Initially, Bunge designed a Raspberry Pi-based Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that allowed reading and controlling the plant’s access point devices, like signage and the scales, among others. 

In this context, we were in charge of developing software for this device. We also implemented the relevant modification to the company’s dispatch and receiving system that communicated with the device.

One of the main challenges was to develop a fail-safe software, since entry into the plant can’t be halted.  

Following the production launch of this digital product, we managed to speed up vehicle load receiving times and reduce the interaction with plant personnel to the minimum necessary.

  • Acceleration of vehicle load receiving times
  • Reduction of the interaction between plant and truck personnel to the minimum.
My role

As a developer in a two-people team, I had to create the software that is embedded in the scales and the entry signage.