Scaled Agile transformation
Pablo Sanchez
Posted: 9 September, 2021

To implement Agile in the organization
What was our approach?
We deployed Agile practices in different sectors of the company, practices that were aligned with BBVA strategy at the international level and were thus able to assist a great part of the central areas of the business. Using practices based on Kanban, Scrum, and Lean-Agile, we intervened in teams, projects, roles, ceremonies, and machines. The focus was on helping with Agile Discipline, Agile Coaches, and teams in all the company so as to synchronize, align, coach, and mentor high performance teams.
  • Deployment and professional growth of internal teams and coaches by empowering them to carry out processes within a new framework.
  • Adoption of Agility in all the company.
  • Alignment of objectives in all the organization with an Agile mindset.
My role

As an Agile Coach I provided consulting, facilitation, coaching, mentoring and training.