Quiero! Plataform
Leonardo Tocci
Posted: 1 September, 2021

To do a technological update of the platform so that it could serve as support for the customer loyalty program.
What was our approach?

We first did a study to understand the functionalities of the existing application. For example, its dependencies, its requirements at the data level and the relation between these requirements and the rest of the applications of the bank’s ecosystem. We identified the distinct data entities that were to form part of the migration.

Once the entities that made up the existing data model of the solution had been identified, we specified the needs of each one of the components within the framework of the data migration plan.

Using the plan as a guide, we developed the migration process, its trial run and implementation in the distinct areas of the company until its deployment.

All the steps taken were done together with the client´s team and the development team of the new application so as to ensure that the application coverage would be appropriate for the bank´s needs.

  • Minimize errors in the data migration processes of a solution that served thousands of bank customers.
My role

Service Manager: I assisted the project team with the adoption of the necessary methodology for running the service and provided support for technical needs in the data team. I also collaborated with the technician in charge of the service on matters related to communication between the client and the rest of the teams.