“QMax Monitor” Migration
Ignacio Kovacs
Posted: 6 September, 2021

Convert the device monitoring platform into “open source” to migrate from the Azure cloud to AWS.
What was our approach?

The company, which specializes in developing self-consumption systems of renewable energy, had a monitoring web application for its devices that needed to be modified. Specifically, the goal was to make it “open source” to migrate from the Azure cloud to AWS.

Since the software it used was linked to Azure products, like the Azure IoT Hub, the challenge was to find a replacement or, in some cases, redevelop part of the application’s functionality. After four month of work, we managed to decouple the application from Azure and make the transition to AWS, where it runs today.

  • Decrease in costs due to having an “open source” system.
My role

As a developer, I was in charge of the migration.