Posted: 1 September, 2021

To develop the ERP of this manufacturing company so it could manage all the business flows.
What was our approach?

We worked on the basis of milestones in order to develop all the modules according to the company┬┤s predefined priorities. At the same time, this company acquired a number of other companies and this made our work more complex due to the organization┬┤s constant expansion. It should be noted that every time the company acquired another, it analyzed the ERP and always kept our solution.

Communication with the company executives was always very fluid and we even flew to the United States to better understand the business.

Once the ERP was operative, we concerned ourselves with its maintenance and migrated it to new technologies.

  • Growth and leadership position within the industry
  • Capacity to expand its line of business
My role

I occupied various positions, from junior developer to technical specialist and architect. In this way, I had the opportunity of using my abilities in different functions.