Hernán Lavrencic
Posted: 6 September, 2021

Optimizing beneficiary management
What was our approach?

Through this Project, we developed an application that manages the only beneficiary database, centralizing and guaranteeing transparency in the process of request and award of housing plans. 

Besides, the new system offers support to the complete processes of registration, validation, scoring and award for the acquisition of homes in all current programs: Purchase and Construction; Urban Development; Serviced Lots and A Better Home. 

  • Having a centralized database.
  • Having data of multiple sources in real time, about persons interested in accessing the ProCrear plan.  
  • Guaranteeing an excellent user experience in spite of the enormous flow of visitors. 
My role

As technical leader, I had the task of coordinating work between cells, in order to build the application´s macro design; and coordinated the processes which run in the background, which is, consolidating information in a rapid and precise manner to send it to the customer. For that purpose, we connected with external services that worked with different technologies.