Portal Quiero!
Posted: 1 September, 2021

The portal of this service was out of date and thus required technical reengineering.
What was our approach?

We went forward with a reengineering and modernization process on the back-end of the Portal de Beneficios Quiero! in order to overcome the technological gap it suffered from. For this purpose we pushed forward with microservices so as to be aligned with the bankĀ“s new requirements. We developed the portal on-premise using .Net technologies and added many functionalities to it. The bank used OpenShift, which is a container management platform, so the microservices had to be managed through this platform.

  • A single entry point for any operation linked to customers and suppliers of the customer loyalty portal
  • Integration with third party applications
My role

As the technical leader of the platform core, I designed the plan of action, established set up models patterns standards, and searched for solutions to complex challenges. We were migrating from antiquated technology and microservices and this demanded innovative logic.