Platform design for container depot
Eduardo Sarmiento
Posted: 1 September, 2021

Counting with a new platform to manage container storage.
What was our approach?

In the absence of an automated system able to support their daily operations, the company had to invest a large number of manual work hours in tasks of lesser value for the business, as transportation programming on XLS spreadsheets, filling paper forms for tally processes and the manual calculations of fees for truck overstay container storage and/or rent. 

To provide a solution to that problem, we created a microservices oriented architecture with Angular + .NET Core architecture, to which we added reusable components which we had previously built. 

Specifically, the solution allows for integral operations management of a storage unit of full containers, enabling the automation of tasks related to work orders, data calculation and statistics, invoicing and generation of several reports. 

Additionally, among the customer´s requirements were the functionalities of audit and follow up of user actions in the system, for which a reusable component was accommodated, in charge of storing and presenting the information with a high level of detail. 

  • Getting to know in detail all user movements inside the platform.
  • Online operations management using the tally and crane applications. 
  • Increase in offered services.  
  • Decrease in manual tasks.
  • Larger control of its processes. 
  • Improvement in customer service and in adding value to the business.
My role

As the leader of the architects group, I established the architecture guidelines, defined the minimum non-functional requirements for the architecture proposals of the group and gave the final approval for the chosen proposal.