Omnichannel Platform
Christian Smirnoff
Posted: 31 August, 2021

Create a platform that supports the different businesses and channels of the bank.
What was our approach?

The customer decided to develop a new omnichannel, multi-technology platform that would become the backend of all the bank’s channels. In this way, it seeks to support the formation of the digital tribes that will implement the bank’s new products and businesses.

Our teams collaborate in the creation of microservices development archetypes, operations management, platform enabling functionalities, security, configuration backoffice, among others. Besides, we interacted with other platform and business teams, and provided capabilities to all other development groups in the bank.

  • Unified capabilities provided by the platform for the development of services
  • Technological modernization based on microservices and containers
  • Ability to scale quickly
  • Time saving when launching new services
My role

I lead the assembly and management of teams. I am also involved as an architect of teams who develop multiplatform capabilities.