Mobile applications
Christian Rusterholz
Posted: 31 August, 2021

To further develop the iOS platform and add new functionalities to both this and the Android platform.
What was our approach?

We formed an Agile and self managed team that formed part of the digital tables of the bank so as to develop the iOS platform, which had remained incomplete and out of date relative to the Android version. In addition, we had to implement new functionalities on both platforms.

In this way, we joined forces with the client to form a multi-disciplinary team that made it possible to add value to the business with a notable improvement in the time to market.  Besides that, we contributed our experience in Agile methodologies to the IT areas so as to modernize their team´s work methods.

In the end we were successful in modernizing both applications and in incorporating the latest tendencies in user experience design (UX).

  • Elimination of the gap between the iOS and Android applications.
  • Improvement in the end user´s experience thanks to the utilization of modern apps.
My role

As the leader, I coordinated the work team and participated in the definition of the architecture and in the delineation of good practices.