MOA Operations
Alexis Zunino
Posted: 30 August, 2021

To develop a self-management application with information of operations and deliveries for raw material providers.
What was our approach?

We encountered a project carried out by another consulting company. Our role in this context was to add a couple of functions to an existing application. After seeing our work, which was user-centered, they hired us to create a five-person team, including two user experience (UX) designers and three developers to transform the application into a digital product focused on farming producers, brokers and other providers who were not grain-related, so they could do their own paperwork and processes.

In order to move forward, we carried out exhaustive interviews with representatives of these three user profiles to identify their needs. Then, a re-engineering process was done to make the application scalable, using current technologies like Angular 10, Bootstrap 4, .Net Rest WebApi2, .Net Framework 4.7, Windows Workflow Foundation, Ninject, EntityFramework 5 and SQL Server 2019. Thanks to these technologies, we succeeded in making the app responsive and accessible from any browser and device. We also focused in making the app as light as possible.

Additionally, we changed the way we work. First, we started with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) concept, and we did partial deliveries on a weekly basis with 30-minute meetings in order to co-create with the people from Molinos and the users, who had not been taken into consideration until this point.

  • Increase the level of satisfaction of the app’s final users.
  • Decrease the number of  call-center calls,  notably.
  • Increase the update speed of the app.
My role

Project Lead: I created the project plan and followed it weekly. I also helped prioritize the requirements in order not to lose focus, closely following the development team.