Maintenance of an automated call center
Cecilia Briozzo
Posted: 31 August, 2021

Need to scale the call center service for many clients.
What was our approach?

We used Twilio, which is the product that’s programmed to offer the call center. The team, three programmers and a tester, worked on Twilio so that passengers could self-manage their trip requests.

In addition, the flows for each situation are identified with the client by professionals, and then they’re built, tested, and sent to production. In this way, the automated call center increases its functionality and can also be deployed for new clients.

  • New added value service to offer potential clients. 
  • Cost savings, avoiding the need to hire more agents because of automation. 
My role

(Cross) QA Technical Expert.
In this role, I support the tester so that they can be more efficient and improve their skills. I also track their progress and work towards identifying new processes capable of being automated.