Alexis Zunino
Posted: 30 August, 2021

To authorize the measurement of the reception and shipping of spare parts and packages. Also, to implement a system to unify the parts and packages management with a global approach.
What was our approach?

Basically, we formed a team with 12 professionals, including Java and Mobile specialists. Among other things, we had to learn about Japanese culture in order to be in line with the executives. For example, nobody could leave the office before the boss. Moreover, e-mails had to be written in English, even if the people in copy were all Argentine.

Argentina had local systems, but as Toyota uses the same systems on a global scale, we had to integrate the applications to this system, based on the Brazilian plant, in order to install it in the Zárate plant with the help of Brazilian Fujitsu technicians. In the end, a team of Argentinian, Brazilian and Japanese people worked in the integration and customization of Brazil’s systems in the Argentine plant to produce chasses.

  • The Argentine branch adapted to the global systems.
  • Increase the contact level of the Argentine branch and the Japanese head office.
My role

As Project Leader, I coordinated the tasks and created a project plan. I also followed up the progress of the developments. I coordinated logistic and administrative issues.