Evolutionary maintenance of a product suite
Cecilia Briozzo
Posted: 30 August, 2021

Maintenance of three websites, two mobile applications for Android and Apple, and over 20 APIs that these products use.
What was our approach?

We initially adopted the Kanban method for the various developments, but then migrated to Scrum; this meant that all the testing analysts were distributed in two interdisciplinary teams.

The team’s daily work involves analyzing the added functionality requested by the client, as well as any corrections that must be made. Decisions are made regarding the above, they’re tested and then sent to production. This cycle is repeated for each sprint, so that the products can have increased functionality each time. 

  • The ability to offer solutions to their clients and suppliers that are more complete each time.
  • Improved User Experience.
  • Indirectly, optimizes the company’s internal processes.
My role

Cross QA Technical Expert .
In this role, I lead testing teams trying to improve their soft and technical skills as testers and help them work better together.

In addition, I tracked progress and collaborate with the team leaders to create specific testing strategies when faced with special situations. 

I also manage testers staffing in all cells/teams, whether for new products, evolutionary maintenance, or automation. In total, there are 20 testers in various teams/cells. 

Finally, I’m also constantly seeking new business opportunities, which involves being in meetings with clients from the US.