Ethical Phishing
Matias Armándola
Posted: 7 September, 2021

Implement the process and methodology of the ethical phishing exercise for the future.
What was our approach?
We simulated phishing attacks to find out how collaborators reacted, and planned the drill for it to be easily implemented in the future. In addition, since we executed it, we carried out this simulated attack from beginning to end, from designing the malicious email to the website where people’s information was captured. 
  • Cost savings for the company, since this process used to be outsourced, and from that moment onwards it was done in-house.
  • Data obtained remains within the company, with no contact from third parties.
  • Automation of the process to execute it quickly.
My role

In my role as an analyst, I implemented the application and gave courses to employees for them not to be victims of phishing attacks.