ETGS Framework Update
Alexis Zunino
Posted: 30 August, 2021

To update technological applications that are critical to the organization and improve the user experience of digital products for internal clients.
What was our approach?

We worked with the Systems department to accompany them in their way of working through the use of agile methodologies and Design Thinking tools in order to get a better understanding of the user and develop digital products based on that.

We also redefined the architecture of their application suite to modernize it, as this framework was around 15 years old. To that end, we worked as a team and developed several demos. We even made a Proof of Concept (POC) of a model solution to transfer to the TGS systems and apply to future ones.

The principles taken into account to work in all these aspects were the following: development must be compatible with different browsers and successfully fulfill the migration of the presentation layer and other components, among others.

Regarding the technological aspects, we used Client HTML5 React to make the front-end responsive and able to adapt to different devices. For the back-end, we chose the latest JAVA version to make a solid and scalable solution that can face the challenges of migrating a key application for TGS regarding the purchase and sale of gas. Additionally, this was a project based on Spring Boot, with JPA and Hibernate implementation. We also used the REST APIs swagger model for APIs documentation and LDAP integration. Among other details, we used Jasper, Quartz and SAP JCO.

  • Improve the experience of internal clients
  • Have more modern critical applications
  • Have a solid and scalable architecture
  • Be able to monitor remotely
My role

Project Lead. In this role, I led the development team, comprised of around 13 people. Also, I focused on the follow-up and creation of a dashboard with the progress of the applications, and I validated each step of progress with the top people of TGS.