Enterprise Datawarehouse
Lucía Navea Villalobos
Posted: 9 September, 2021

To visualize information insights and make them available to the final user.
What was our approach?

We automated the complete process for transporting and transforming data into information using innovation based on new technologies and the development of advanced analytics solutions. Our objective was to allow the final user to visualize and take direct advantage of knowledge derived from the data.

 For this purpose, we developed all the processes from beginning to end, in order to transform the data into a new EDW using new technology and new practices. We helped the client define the new KPIs as well as the new analytical models and give access to final users at the company. In addition to this, we delivered the complete solution joined to other brands so as to offer software tools, consulting services, maintenance, and complete platform operations.

  • Availability of KPIs that enabled C-level commercial users to make the right decisions.
  • Centralized information
  • Automation of the complete process for loading information onto Analytical EDW.
  • Elimination of data loading errors
  • Time optimization thanks to a reduction in the need to repeat tasks.
My role

Project manager.
Direction and leadership of a multi-disciplinary team of approximately 20 professionals as well as of the relation with the C level and the client´s project manager.