EDW Project in
the context of the pandemic
Lucía Navea Villalobos
Posted: 9 September, 2021

To break the company´s information silos and set up a single data source.
What was our approach?

Since we were working during the pandemic and had to collaborate with numerous areas of the company, we were faced with the challenge of profiling all the necessary KPIs remotely. The problem was that our client provided us with people who were not skilled in the use of digital tools. The challenge, then, was to do this task with Agile methodology.

We spent three weeks selecting the best KPIs and their definitions for the telecommunications industry. Besides that, we created a number of sessions with a plan for a group of related business areas in order to complete the definitions of the Commercial Term of the Glossary for the customers.

 Mural software was used to conduct interviews remotely and allow the different business areas to collaborate with each other and arrive at a consensus on definitions. We then went on to address the need for complete KPIs and divided them into groups so as to begin developing the basis for EDW in stages and the outline of its implementation.

  • Progress in spite of the complexity of remote technology.
  • Detailed knowledge of the final users´ expectations that will be useful in the future.
  • Identification of commercial opportunities.
  • Process optimization.
  • Improved final user experience for the company.
My role

Subject Matter Expert. 
I recommended the KPIs for the client to choose and did follow up and spot checks. I also  explained how each one had to be set up in accordance with the respective area.