EDI messages traceability
Eduardo Sarmiento
Posted: 1 September, 2021

Developing a platform for management and processing EDI messages.
What was our approach?

As a business need, large amounts of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messages needed to be processed. These messages are used for business to business (B2B) Communications. XPO business partners, such as retail sales chains, factories, among others, send an EDI message to create a service order for the movement of intermodal cargo. XPO sends to its logistics suppliers – such as train operators, truck and shipping company operators, a series of messages creating their own service orders to move the cargo. And further ahead, during the movement of the cargo, transports operators send messages to XPO detailing the specific stage they are at. 

To develop the platform, on this occasion and according to the customer´s preferences, we turned to .NET language. A powerful engine was constructed, that can horizontally and vertically scale transactions processing. It was so successful that it was used as well to process a multitude of transactions of different kinds, besides the EDIs.

Besides the engine, we also took care of the construction of a powerful and friendly user interface which allowed for the traceability of transactions. 

  • Timely processing of large volumes of incoming and outgoing information from the central business platform. 
  • Counting with a highly scalable EDI message processing platform. 
  • Visibility and a god user experience for operators who should monitor processing.
My role

As a software architect, I designed the idea for the engine, defined technology and assembled key parts of the new solution.