Digital Subscriptions
Alexis Zunino
Posted: 30 August, 2021

To improve the end-to-end subscription process, and also to develop the online payment process. 
What was our approach?

The newspaper collected the subscription through monthly payments in arrears until they decided to collect the payment in advance in order to get a significant financial advantage. Moreover, with the digitalization of collection, they had the chance to know the clients better in order to offer them additional products, such as the subscription to the online newspaper and the Club La Nación benefit card. With this in mind, we created packs so people could choose the one they liked best.

We created three development cells, with a total of 16 people. Firstly, we moved forward with the payment gateway in order to focus on collection. Another team moved forward with the integration of Club La Nación, and the third one, with digital subscriptions through the development of a platform that offered the packs, through which the clients can also make claims, modifications and different self-management processes.

When we started to work on it, we had to integrate the developments with SAP S/4 HANA and other systems. We also used .Net Framework 4.5, NET MVC 5 for the payment gateway and the card printing system, among others. The rest of the technologies are new frameworks to access databases and create visually attractive screens. So, we used NHibernate, Ninject, AutoMapper, NLog, jQuery, Bootstrap, jQuery UI, Knockout, SQL Server 2008 R2, Hangfire and Jenkins, among others.

  • Better knowledge of client consumption.
  • Increase of cross sales.
  • Drastic decrease of the uncollectible client rate.
  • Fast return on investment
  • Decrease in the amount of call center calls
My role

As a Project Leader I had to prioritize ideas. It was a job with a lot of support, negotiation and communication with the newspaper areas so they can be aligned behind the same objective in order to move forward with the exhaustive work in a progressive way.