Data Visualization – Sell In & Sell Out
Leonardo Tocci
Posted: 1 September, 2021

To provide management teams in the commercial areas with a tool that would allow them to do a visual analysis of the most relevant metrics and KPIs for the sales process and understand and follow relations with their distributors.
What was our approach?

First, we did a survey to understand in detail what the distinct aspects were that had to be considered in the solution to cover the functional and technical needs of the user teams.

Once the needs had been identified, we detailed the technical and functional specifications of those needs and ensured that our team understood them and the solution’s coverage.

Later we developed and implemented the agreed upon dashboards and, faced with errors from the information sources that fed them, we created a series of processes to provide users with a validation tool to be used before accessing the dashboards.

  • A tool that allows an agile and visual understanding of the status of the main KPIs
  • Improved information quality for decision making due to the implementation of quality control processes
  • Standardization of reporting methods, elimination of spreadsheets, and data massaging.
My role

Service Manager: I assisted the project team with the adoption of the necessary methodology for running the service and provided support for technical needs in the data team. I also collaborated with the technician in charge of the service on matters related to communication between the client and the rest of the teams