Data Quality MVP
Leonardo Tocci
Posted: 1 September, 2021

To identify data management problems that had a direct impact on operations.
What was our approach?

We first did an assessment to better understand the business and its processes. We were therefore able to detect problems in the quality of the data, which affected company operations.

To move forward in the search for answers, we selected, from the entire services’ map, the payment process for suppliers to serve as the basis for our data quality consulting. We identified the people in charge and tried to understand what data they used to do their work. We asked them to specify what the data meant to them and then to indicate what level of quality they expected from that information.

From there, we presented an analytical data model to assess and measure every one of the quality rules. After identifying a series of issues, we studied their possible causes and, finally, presented a series of corrective actions to be taken.

  • Detection and quantification of data management problems that were affecting company operations
  • A better understanding between different areas of the company because this analysis made it possible to see how the work of one person affected that of a colleague in another division.
My role

Project Leader: I assisted with the study regarding the data issues and coordinated the work team. I also provided the client with the training necessary to understand what we were working on, our methodology, what we were looking for, and our proposal for eliminating data problems.