Data Modeling and Process for
a Transport Management Client
Lucía Navea Villalobos
Posted: 9 September, 2021

To create a new functional model.
What was our approach?
This company had two systems. One was inflexible and outdated, while the other was in construction. To solve this situation we decided to create a new functional model, and to do this, we designed and build a layer that worked like a new abstraction layer between the applications and the data platform.  We also stored all the transactions information that supported the functional requisites defined for the electronic transport management system from end to end.
  • Documentation of the functional requirements of the company´s electronic  transportation management system (ETMS).

  • A data model to construct new applications on and prevent errors from the existing applications.

My role

Project leader.
As the project data technology leader, I designed and planned every activity for each of the project roles. I also checked each deliverable to make sure it met its objective and that there was traceability between every one of them.