Customer self- service
Christian Rusterholz
Posted: 31 August, 2021

To add a new channel for consumers and offer them a mobile digital tool for self-service.
What was our approach?

We designed and constructed native applications for iOS and Android that allowed customers to access and manage information from all their associated businesses.

We formed a mixed group consisting of developers from both Prism and Baufest and that included programmers, QA professionals, and user experience (UX) designers. We all worked on this together for six months.

Thanks to this digital product, businesses optimized their on-line interaction with Prisma.

  • Improved customer experience thanks to easy, fast, and secure access to information on the customersĀ“ past transactions and procedures.
  • More time for customer service representatives to carry out other tasks.
My role

AsĀ leader, I participated in the definition of the architecture and in the delineation of good practices. I was also responsible for some technical definitions.