Customer master data
and instructions/addresses
Lucía Navea Villalobos
Posted: 9 September, 2021

To create a single repository of information for bank customers.
What was our approach?

This project was conceived to implement the loading of customer information and of instructions for all the affiliates of the holding company, to launch the process for suspicious duplicates in PME, and to generate the customers´ Golden Record.

Since the project had been in development for a year and a half without producing deliverables, it was crucial that the client see real results within the next four months at the latest. To do this, we proceeded to evaluate the general state of the project and put together a plan for the company´s in-house work team to regain the client´s credibility and define deliverables in the short and medium terms while stabilizing internal spending and increasing the account balance.

To do this we redefined the work plan and applied an Agile methodology with thematic work cells that operated in parallel and unified both internal and client resources.

  • Increased project productivity
  • A single central repository for bank customer information
My role

Project Manager.
I oversaw a team of 20 professionals, and I was in charge of the project`s progress. I also saw to it that the medium- and long-term goals were met.