CréditoClick 2.0
Israel Calderon
Posted: 8 September, 2021

Need to implement the Mexican system in the French branch.   
What was our approach?

CréditoClick is a vehicle financing system. We developed part of the Mexican system. When the French branch became aware of it, it decided to clone it in order to implement it in their country. As a result, we were in charge of the development in Mexico and France, and delivered the operating base, so that the internal staff in France could undertake the evolutive maintenance. 

In such sense, even if the platform was inspired in the Mexican solution, we had to develop the front-end and backend from scratch.

  • Having a general vision from the opening of credit to financing.
My role

Technical leader.
In this position, I had talks with users, client presentations and customizations. In this way, we kept the Mexican inspiration but had to develop backend and front-end from scratch.