Christian Smirnoff
Posted: 31 August, 2021

Development of the platform and the first digital token of the company.
What was our approach?

The customer needed a technological partner capable of accompany them in the development of the platform and the digital token of the company. In the first place, they approached us with the idea from the business point of view and, from there, we gave them our technical view to co-create the platform together with them.

In a discovery stage, we performed a UX research with potential users to find out what the profile of a regular user of the company would be like, and what needs they had that the platform should satisfy. Simultaneously, we performed a functional discovery to design how the product would work. We even performed a technical architecture design contemplating future products or functionalities that the company can develop in the future.

The first MVP of the platform was developed in just over 4 months, which then continued to evolve throughout time.

As for technologies, we built a microservices layer in .NET, which is consumed by frontends in Angular. Thinking about OpenBit’s needs and, taking into account that they did not have their own infrastructure, we set up the platform in the cloud on containers deployed in Azure’s AKS.

  • Having a product aligned with the business expectations thanks to co-creation.
  • Platform ready to accompany the business growth.
  • Rapid time-to-market.
  • Reduced initial investment in infrastructure through the use of the cloud.
My role

As the architect of the solution and leader in one of the two development cells, I was involved in this project from end to end, with the challenge of understanding the business to make a valuable technical contribution.