Band slips
Israel Calderon
Posted: 8 September, 2021

After a national regulation, the company needed strict invoicing or bank slips control.
What was our approach?

First, we went to the client´s offices to understand the issue. One of the challenges was the language, as they speak Portuguese, but in time we came to understand each other. After that, we created a system for administrating bank slips, each one of them containing several sales notes.  

Each Bimbo distribution centre issues such sales notes, and in their headquarters they are consolidated for the issuing of bank slips that are then sent to bank entities. 

With this platform, the company can access real time client status. It can also manage bank slips, know the invoicing in real time and access the client’s ´profiles in detail. 

  • Access client status in real time 
  • Managing bank slips
  • Accessing invoicing in real time 
  • Having a detailed client profile
My role

Technical leader.
In this role, I had to work with users to understand their needs and try to solve them with the help of technology. I also proposed the architecture and cross checked with Bimbo´s IT area for validation of our work. Once developed, I also was in charge of implementation.