Automated test cell
Cecilia Briozzo
Posted: 31 August, 2021

Automating regression tests of a mobile product and a web product.
What was our approach?

A team with three automation specialists and an Automation Practice Manager focused on creating a way to implement automatic, unattended, and repeatable tests. In addition, it must periodically report the results of these test runs. This team automates tests on the products developed by the other teams.

The first step to complete this task was to choose the tools and technologies to be used in the automation. Then, for each sprint carried out by the product teams, the automated testing team analyzed what they would automate. They also considered how this process would be integrated into the client’s internal production framework. Additionally, there is joint work with the testers of other teams. 

  • The ability to execute complete unattended tests on a product.
  • Reduced operating costs since there are no human billable hours for executing manual regressions.
  • The task can be executed as many times as needed.
  • Early detection of issues and errors.
  • Improved product quality.
  • Accelerates time to market. 
My role

Cross QA Technical Expert. 
I chose the profiles needed for the team and gave the client visibility of the work during the whole process. I also managed the day-to-day of the sprints and task planning, encouraging self-management.